don hazlit - untitled
michael todd - enso
don hazlit - untitled 2
jim albertson - nude 2
leland choy - delta winds
robert simon - untitled
howard rees - cold north wind
e'nore forrestal - don quixote
wade reynolds - lover's pale
jerry jolly - clare de lune
martin gates - untitled
daniel eng - resting guitar 91/450
robert lynn nelson - breaching whale
bowed (summer)
vito ferrante - #6, 2004
red sky (ocean view)
russian hill, just before night
winter morning
saturday morning
the green village
corner of mason st.
afternoon shadows
shadows at midday
pacific ii
lavonne chase - don at laundromat
phil weidman - stone tablet #22
joan mayberry - the purple forest
suzanne johnson - likes poets ap
robert leach - san raphael ridge, utah 1991
christopher newhard - aviva, the diva, new yo
laura hohlwein - mausoleum 1993
susan kelly dewitt - flowers in a vase
unknown title 1985
patrick dullanty - deer heart 1997
anne gregory - the leaf is carried to the edg
anne gregory - twins ap 1993
ogee rainsong 1995
fredric dalkey- portrait of jerold silva 198
fredric dalkey - unknown title
self portrait 1986
jian wang - fishing in the moodlight ap 6/10
miles hermann - woman at her wash basin 5/6
nathan oliveira - stairs to the stars 17/30
gregory kondos - the gorge southwest 3/3
patrick dullanty - unknown title 61/140 198
marty stanley - reflections on the sacramento
douglas chun - first light 49/125 1989
reclining nude 1986
patti c. 1985
edwin slater - unknown title i
edwin slater - unknown title ii
red & blue
wayne t. with meringue
bob arneson in lab coat
raimonds staprans - boats 1961
elizabeth estivalet - l'entree de saint romai
carolina, valor
carolina, three of swords
carolina, the tower
carolina, prince of rivers
carolina, power
carolina, happiness
carolina, eclipse
carolina, death
carolina, ace of swords
remembered pool
artificial oasis
not in our woods
curious night
before us
pool ll
train wreck
lost ii
the tower
tierra, acrilico, pala, triptych
monsanto massacre
tierra y acrilico 60
tierra, arena, acrilico y machetes
tierra y acrilico
tierra y acrilico 42
tierra y acrilico 40
tierra y acrilico 36 (kabir/ fla owned)
tierra, acrilico y olla (kabir/ fla owned)
tierra y acrilico 33 (kabir/ fla owned)
tierra y acrilico 31 (kabir/ fla owned)
tierra y acrilico 29 (kabir/ fla owned)
tierra , arena, y acrilico 19 (kabir/ fla own
tierra , arena, acrilico y suelas (kabir/ fla
tierra, arena, acrilico, y monedas (kabir/ fl