omegaland: two of wands
omegaland: ace of wands
omegaland: king of cups
omegaland: queen of cups
omegaland: knight of cups
omegaland: king of coins
omegaland: queen of coins
omegaland: knight of coins
omegaland: page of coins
omegaland: ten of coins
omegaland: nine of coins
omegaland: eight of coins
omegaland: seven of coins
omegaland: six of coins
omegaland: five of coins
omegaland: four of coins
omegaland: three of coins
omegaland: two of coins
omegaland: ace of coins
omegaland: king of swords
omegaland: queen of swords
omegaland: knight of swords
omegaland: page of swords
omegaland: ten of swords
omegaland: nine of swords
canal (fla owned)
new york, new york
vacation ii
almost forgotten
antique tapestry panels (2) (voell estate)
group of women with baby (voell estate)
brittany beach (voell estate)
sur la terrasse (voell estate)
low tide (voell estate)
clarissa (voell estate)
le gouter au jardin (voell estate)
on the highland road (voell estate)
choppy seas (voell estate)
marie-helene (voell estate)
karna (voell estate)
thai stone buddha head (voell estate)
reclining buddha (voell estate)
japanese screen (voell estate)
foo lions (2) (voell estate)
elephant bell (voell estate)
dairy vessel (india, 12th century) (voell est
bronze urns (voell estate) (sold?)
antique chinese rider on horse (voell estate)
i fought the law
strange fruit
comedy of eras
methods of reasoning-hide and seek
hey light (you can make me smile again)
darwinian self portrait
imaginary person (self portrait),
just a story, but perhaps one day someone wil
coward, servant, blind man
the blessed isles
till we find the blessed isles where our frie
sharp was the blade
doors of perception
division collapse
gate keeper
war bells
octaves (sketch)
are we not men?
fragments of the future
just a footnote
without knowing how
in measured lines
i will gladly be your life for me (fork)
blow (sold)
sal (la mujer de lot torso)
sal (la mujer de lot torso)
sal (la mujer de lot torso)
sal (la mujer de lot de espalda)
sal (la mujer de lot de espalda)
sal (la mujer de lot de espalda)
maria de los silencios
maria de los silencios
virgen de los lirios
virgen de los lirios
night (matcovsky estate)
unknown (matcovsky estate)
renoir medallion (matcovsky estate)
cowboy on rearing horse (matcovsky estate)
good morning
in our woods
urban islands