new mobile collection: earrings
new mobile collection: necklace
star of david with hamsa
hand painted candle holders
intimate creekside
creekside l'auberge
creekside brunch big boy
where the roses grow
lotus blessings
visit from ganesha
high inquisitor
amethyst, labradorite, & moonstone pendant
golden sunshine druzy, moonstones & inlaid pe
red creek jasper, rutilated quartz & turquois
dioplase chrysocolla & turquoise pendant
pottery shard & turquoise pendant
chrysocolla, malachite, druzy & turquoise pen
lapis lazuli (grade aaa), turquoise, 6 lapis
dichroic kyanite & amethyst pendant
dichroic kyanite earrings
chrysocolla, quartz & sunset opal pendant
shaman stone, quartz & sun stone pendant
bumble bee jasper & yellow turquoise pendant
raw opal & emerald pendant
sleeping beauty turquoise, charoite & tourmal
a different hour of day
plum point (fall)