menemsha beach 1998 b2
gay head beach 1995 b2
inkwell beach 1993 b1
farm pond 1990 b2
ocean park 1987 b2
ocean park ii 1987 b2
cloud and two horses
the road home
vineyard beach
marche ti, haiti
9-16-262 f & p w/ beaded guards platinum and
douglas farm
josephine baker at the strand 1951
propeller of the "america"
green alligrator
more vineyard voices
two men before the storm
menemsha harbor
court of appeals
glass bouys
steam shovel toy
grain buckets
corner cupboard
blue blanket chest
la femme arbe
8-9-22 mabe pearl sapphire
9-7-276 ring chip guard
prelude to night
balance of power
barn at sundown
cheese market at edam, the netherlands, 1932
menemsha reflections
tragedy of the essex
estate piece - the authority
la route a clavier, france, 1994
nightfall - haiti
lambert's cove no. 2
raising the salad bar
seal cove, ragged island
ragged island, me
search for new waters
siasconet lane
trumpet vine
by the light of the moon
spring at a chilmark farm
mioplosus fish (58-37 million)
priscacara (58-37 million)
priscara (58-37 million)
diplomystus (medium) 58-37 million years
diplomystus (large) 58-37 million years
opalized (placenticeras) ammonite - cretaceou
running horse weathervane circa 1860 (attribu
ray ellis paints flowers
remnants of a squall
2-1-163 ocean cuff bracelet 18k yellow gold
vineyard harvest
the old martha's vineyard steamer
5-10-483 faldetta stud pink tourmaline
9-7-245 chip guard,18k,size7
9-7-344 chip guard,(1) rail,18ky,size 7
9-8-34 diamond bead & bezel band
7-7-467 circle open wave pendant, 18ky, small
window plant
marlene dietrich, anna may wong and leni rief
rainbow, lobsterville, 1964
nude july, 1956
battle between serapis and bonhomme richard a
antique kimono
cancer sismondai #8
cancer sismondai #9
3 diplomystus #13
phylloceras #24
vineyard homestead
2-21-265 abstract bangle, sterling
7-7-325 circle open wave pendant, large
giant oak tree, north tisbury, martha's viney
nashawena herd
through a fishermans window
after church - chilmark
approaching osprey
thomas hart benton 1969, headshot
thomas hart benton, with camp chair, 1969
thomas hart benton working outdoors on mv 196
mr. and mrs. napoleon madison, gay head, 1969
mrs. napoleon madison
thomas hart benton, sketching on the beach, 1
manuel swartz at old sculpin gallery, edgarto
menemsha harbor ii, 1937 (man cutting boards)
menemsha ii 1952
donald poole, lobster fisherman, 1971
north tisbury, massachusetts, 1969
benton, wife, daughter, granddaughter home on
thomas hart benton and wife at home on mv, 19
martha's vineyard (rocky beach) 1968