od011 "owl" sculptured clay
"tree house"
od025 "bedtime prayers"
tlwa078 mountain troll
stacked animals in porcelain by old dog boyd
"the holy family" hand sculpted by old dog bo
medium red vase "original" by owens pottery
opr001 xl rebecca pitcher by owens pottery
small rebecca pitcher by owens pottery
glow pots by owens pottery
red tapered candle stick holders by owens pot
red medium basket bowl by owens pottery
miniature red pitcher by owens pottery
large red tapered candle stick by owens potte
pre149 fine silver earrings - large hollow di
pre294 fine silver lidded box pendant with en
pre320 earrings - leaf series by pam east
pre578 fine silver earrings oval double
pre676 - fine silver oval earrings
skdle1 little enchanter kaleidoscope by shery
skdlt little twister kaleidoscope by sheryl k
skdlw little wizard kaleidoscope by sheryl ko
skdt twister- wandscope long kaleidoscope by
skmk starlite kaleidoscope
skrk starlet kaleidoscope
skrkpd starlet parlor kaleidoscope by sherry
siam swarovskis and sterling swirls bracelet
rsp008 mineral poplar vase
choker necklace by avindy; bone multistrand w