kr934 olive and ebony box with finial
kr939 crabapple closed hollow form
tv426.208 magnet bracelet
necklace by avindy
nm002 celebration handknitted shawl
ks003h oversized wristwatch for desk or wall
skrkxd dark starlet interchange kaleidoscope
skekw jubilee - walnut kaleidoscope
pre705 pendant
framed copper coils; earrings
mf062 deluxe bottom puzzle box
mf064 leaf marquetry puzzle box
mf066 padauk diamond inlay spin box
white oak goose neck gourd with stand
st. francis of assisi
the empty tomb
single strand knot ring
pre756 leaf series pendant with pearl
pre774 lentil series pendant
pre777 leaf series fine silver earrings
pre801 leaf series fine silver earrings
pre805 lentil series pendant with chrysophras
indian rosewood pierce carved double oval
indian rosewood double carved rim bowl
brazilian rosewood bowl
wc374 "turtle"
wc413 "eagle"
wc381 "red and yellow flowers"
wc371 "cattails"