vineyard voices
thomas hart benton, 1937
opening morning
5-10-560 branch opal earrings with pearls
piglet iii
e-235wp pearl strata earrings - white
grey day on dutcher's dock
the dance-life size
smokin' and drinkin' grant
blind date
world map
hallowed ground
5-7-580 faldetta studs (large)
1-21-0 open ocean keychain
6-3-290 pyrite necklace
5-9-310 two petal landscape studs
5-10-508 watermelon tourmaline drops with pea
7-10-389 watermelon tourmaline pendant
9-8-584 bead and bezel ring
nip n' tuck farm 1987 b2
poems from the pond
still life, 1962
large, glass fish
blanket, 2014
a day at the races
chapin 38
park scene
harbor scene with white boat
park with red steeple
arch de triumphe
7-10-412, aquamarine and diamond lithic pedan
stairway to heaven
american gothic
hazy sun at great rock bight
warm breeze and fried dough
black crowned night heron
salad servers
in parts
tree abstraction
off season light
sperm whale small whale plaque
humpback whale small plaque
katama flyway
the gutting
to scale
three sheets to the wind
15th street, july
shelldrake decoy-
north shore
artist and model-
11" petermans bowl
grange hall at dusk
swinging jenny (life size)
gay head light
off pleasant valley road 1990
northern gannet and tinkers
the rigger
under sea
the rigger (study)
blue dart (study)
stepping the mast - alabama
scarlet (study)
may wall
cresting wave
view from my studio - deep bottom cove
speedo man on bicycle
basket weaver print
safta's quilt
lagoon 2009 on canvas
moonrise over lucy vincent beach, chilmark, m
2-1-233 rock hammered narrow diamond cuff, sm
6-3-317 turquoise bead necklace, 20"
7-10-385 oval peridot "amy" pendant
9-10-720 landscape ring, 18k/22k/platinum, be
9-10-880 rockhammered tanzanite ring, 18k
9-10-850 ocean solitaire sun/wave ring
6-10-88 one-of-a-kind opal pearl and branch n
chilmark pond
january snow / eyc
near the race track 1978
stone by design
bubbles-small cube
squiby tile 2016
pumpkin patch
winter wall
summer morning, lambert's cove
medium glass fish
coming in
fisherman at sea
eight rocks and a stone, chilmark, ma-old fra