moonrise, chilmark, ma 2001
quansoo in winter
t.p one year old
great blue heron
queen for a day-
grey whale gargantuan
vineyard red tail
swordfish harpooner (large)
swordfish harpooner (small)
the dance
e-235w strata- drusy and titanium earrings- w
chilmark pond
festival, 2015
a path to the sea--
at the head of the augusta canal 1998
girls day
do not climb
evening chores
the twelfth, farm neck 1998 r1
sunflower 1978 b1
nude with cat
still life - fruit
st francis on a donkey
seraglio after ingres
the rest
mother and child reclining
seated nude at desert's edge
still life with bananas
artist and model
cafe conversation
conversation in the gazebo
nude on green couch
portrait of tim maley
self portrait with newspaper
self portrait with orange paint
the trial
woman riding a bull
cymbal player, unique
new "he loves me"pin
st. francis with dog
birth of venus
woman with a pearl necklace
nude with bowl of oranges
the carriage driver
nude in rocking chair with dog
samurai warrior
hand holding a flower-vermeil
europa pin
icarus pin
icarus pin-vermeil
etruscan rider pin
bird playing guitar pin
bird playing guitar pin-vermeil
hand holding a flower pin-silver and vermeil
horse head pin
seven figures
nude with lute player
nude with flower pillows
by the pond
nude with two trees
woman in robe with clock
fall riders
apple tree
st francis with a bird
haircut on the porch
reclining nude in red and green
the lesson
compote with pears
woman with harp
serenade by moonlight
apple picking
piazza 1996
afternoon quartet
ghost band
getting started
the cymbal player on blue
welcome home
sunset over the ridge
nude with blue flowers
helen at breakfast
still life with face
nude on a rock by the shore
orange chair
good news
birthday party
vase with flowers
lunchtime in italy
mother and babe
feeding the ducks
nude with a mirror
country dancing
nude on blue couch
the lesson-
helen reading the newspaper
the nursery
two figures with a dog
afternoon conversation