sitting pig
running pig
rlw344 "all aboard"
pre840 fine silver earrings
pre842 fine silver earrings
pre855 fine silver earrings - hearts w/22k go
pre869 fine silver pendant - lentil hollow-fo
pre885 fine silver pendant - chinese poetry s
pre575a earrings - kanji double w/24k gold (g
wc392 - yellow breasted bird"
wc395 "brown & yellow bird"
wc393 "brown and white bird"
wc396 "kestrel"
wc394 "golden winged warbler"
ta5369 crystal elegance
ta5502 elegant polymer clay bracelet
wc388 - "goldfinch"
ta3167 alder spirals
ta5520 gorgeous goldstone
two kids on a horse
50364 earrings
593101 earrings
593123 earrings
ta5567 clay conundrum
ta5574 etched brass ring
ta5602 spring brass ring
wc430 "winter"
wc431 "lighthouse and palms"