wc433 "falling waters"
wc435 "crashing waves"
wc436 "geese" on wood
kr1003 marblewood & ebony closed hollow form
ta5584 clay and brass ring
ta5647 enamel pendant
ta5657 jonquil tornadoes
ta5654 raspberry jam
ta5656 sea green tornadoes
ta5517 turquoise lentil ring
ta5670 rustic triangles
ta3025 ceramic pendant choker
ta5710 box elder choker
pre936 fine silver earrings
tr067 large white and grey raku
tr068 tall copper raku
tr069 tall copper and green raku
tr070 big round copper raku pot
tr072 stout turquoise black and white raku
od055a "the bachelor" log cabin series
ta5806 copper band ring
od048a mounted town folk
od048b mounted town folk
od049a town folk
gg410 box elder burl bowl
gg411 figured box elder closed hollow form
gg416 carob open hollow form
od089 children sled riding
ta5792 bling ring