a good read
on a tuesday
thick rain
wait and see
gay head moonlight
snow on lambert's cove
sticks and stones
buoy merganser
knowing when to turn
unicorn mirror
burning and ascending
bring him home
swan song - an abstract chilmark aria
sunset reflection
hawk taking flight
simple hawk post
zack's cliffs
bradly sunning
farmers market
#1 lg-cir - hibiscus
#21 md-cir - robin's nest
#24 md-cir - seagulls
#48 oval - chappy cabana
#61 lg-sq - white flower
#68 md-sq - 3 white sails
#75 sm-sq - blue seascape
#76 sm-sq - squares of color
#80 sm-sq - optis
#86 sm-sq - yellow rose
leaving edgartown
#97 oval-cfs - eyc burgee cuff links
here comes the sun
full moon rising over keith farm
#106 md-sq - beach path distant
#101 md-sq - hillside stream
hidden barn
a positive sign
beach pile up
three barns
summer day
sea breeze
white shed triptych
the seafarer
low tide red
portrait of brady
early morning, edgartown
looking east along the sound
gold cover
yarn ball
alley's general store
blue whale small plaque
minke whale small plaque
soft crabbing 1960
west chop at twilight
the trail
first light edgartown
medium pillow - boston / marblehead
5-10-566 pink sapphire rockhammered studs
5-8-412 three petal diamond studs
9-10-911 amythest rockhammered ring
2-2-228 rockhammered diamond bangle
mirror image
oak bluffs ferry dock, 1956
lambie pie
blue anemones #1171
queen anne's lace #1180
#11 lg-cir - bird on a branch
#10 lg-cir - lily pads
ceramic 2018 horseshoe crab, medium
may i
yes you may
candle island
shore landscape
girl with hanging leg
shoulder itch
5 from 1
woman playing tennis, 1927
first point
squibnocket point
stonewall with sky
last of the snow
holstein pillow
pink pig pillow (american yorkshire)
red steer pillow
her iris
gin and tonic, watercolor
gay head, martha's vineyard, 1919