2-2-227 rock hammered diamond bangle
9-10-935 heavy wavy solitaire pink tourmaline
2-2-270 large gold dust bangle with diamonds
9-10-910 rockhammered boulder opal ring
6-3-366 kingman mine turquoise nugget necklac
6-23-445 rockhammered horizontal diamond bar
5-8-431 rockhammered drop earrings
blue anemones #1350
orange flowers#1357
poppy #1359
garden bounty
long house, 2000
sanderling- each
clay pots
#153 lg circ - ocean waves
#157 md circ - white sails
#167 cuff links - golf tees
cormorant swimming (large bronze)
m.v. farm on the beach
sailing by the light of the moon
summer at the beach
amber glow
heading out, schooner at dawn 1991
e-236dc extra large strata- drusy and titaniu
autumn cedars
sailboats #1383
it's rough at squibby
menemsha sky
walk to chappaquiddick
walk to chappaquiddick, sketch
twilight south beach, sketch
menemsha sky, sketch
pallet bear
7-8-559 hammered gold and diamond pendant
daffodils in green
white ranunculus
eye of the storm
path to the pond
up on the cliff
finback whale plaque
beaver swamp ii (1983)
split rock study
two buoy gull
lucy (sand included)
chilmark church
red ball at the beach
5-22-645 gold dust raindrop diamond earrings
flight plans
a change in the weather
off the stern
tempestuous sky
slowly setting
cormorant swimming (extra small bronze)
stonewall beach
e-100 14k gold mabe pearl earrings
n-100 14k gold mabe pearl and opal pendant
cormorant swimming ( small bronze)
view from lobsterville
beach roses
day 6 (thistle)
road to goose rocks ii
study for blue cornflowers
black eyed susans
#180 med circle - seascape
#181 sm square - daisies
#185 lg circle - mvy
#187 sm square - sunset
a day's work
ocean park mv
patience- lesson 102
pair of bowline knot bookends
n-120 uvarovite and silver mist drusy quartz
hand forged iron fireplace tools and hanging
phase i
phase ii
west light
blue jay
red oaks
island theatre
let it snow!tic tac toe
untitled (bust)
untitled (figure)
bassin' off devil's bridge
yellow boat 2014, canvas
fishermens camp, buffalo river
brig georgiana clipper ship pillow
normandie pillow
day lily pillow