over the water
over the water ii
spare line
red apart
south beach
passing clouds
water's edge
the cliff side
the walk back
summer on tashmoo
aquinnah walks
cliff shapes
welcome red
waters edge
old grey barn
going west
pink clouds, aquinnah
sleepy hollow road #2
sleepy hollow road #3
sleepy hollow path
south shore storm #2
tashmoo study
tashmoo storm
winter oaks
whiting farm
whiting farm
south beach, after benton
sunday at south beach
tic-tac-toe three in a row
portrait of lois
fifth avenue parade
island guard
sunshine and salt air
september light
zapotic man
looking down towards the beach
big house on the allen farm
cyclamen and lemon
self portrait, 260 irving ave, brooklyn
laura on music st
laura and robin #2
whiting farm #3
face to face
#206 large circle- sails and lighthouse
#208 large circle- rose
#209 large circle- apple blossoms
#211 large circle- masts and lighthouse
#212 large circle- colored sails
#213 medium square- white sailboat
#214 large square- white sails
#215 medium square- sand dollar
#216 medium square- seascape
#219 medium circle- beachscape
#221 medium circle- beach with umbrellas
#222 medium circle- blue hydrangea
#223 small circle- spiral
#224 small circle- robin
#225 small square- white sails
#227 small square- blue hydrangea
#229 small square- seascape
#231 small circle- lillies
#236 charm bracelet- white sails
#239 small rectangle- tiger lilly
#240 cufflinks- elephants
lobsterville sandbreak ii
west chop dock, after the storm
moshup hues
edgartown lines
n-142 14k gold landscape pendant- lucy vincen
south shore clouds
our lady of the dune
tashmoo morning
chappaquiddick view
edgartown light
allen farm house
house in cove
summer lambert's cove
the boathouse
the captain's quarters
the changing room
the cooper's view
the long draw
the spinning loft
r-108 kingman turquoise (long oval) ss 14k go
beachin' it (plein air)
chit chat
edgartown boat (plein air) patience