ta6985 bicone necklace hand-formed sterling s
ta7272 study in black black and white polymer
ta7322 bronze beauty metallic bronze polymer
ta7346 green copper washer ring copper washer
vb032 ballerina
rsp057 walnut open vessel
rsp058 large poplar open vessel
rsp062 wenge round box
rsp063 box elder oval box
rsp065 oil lamp
rsp066 poplar round box
rsp067 poplar oval box
rsp070 sycamore sculpture
ta7350 copper bow tie bracelet
ta7351 metallic clay ring
ta7354 bicone drops
rsp073 light walnut threaded vessel
rsp074 bubinga threaded vessel
ta5799 crystal cluster ring
ta6992 pearl and gold ring
ta7144 enameled washboards
ta7360 helen breil bracelet
ta7364 flamingo wristlet
ta7366 elegant pumpkins
ta7384 royal wristlet
el031 1930's era pickup truck
el032 pop's tractor
el033 name that rock star
od216 stockings were hung by the chimney w/ c