kr1254 maple bowl w/ pierced rim
kr1300 cherry closed hollow form with pyrogra
vb059 spring garden framed
rb004 unique vas w/copper matte & clear crack
rb005 unique vas w/copper matte & clear crack
rb008 footed candle light 2 pc w/copper matte
tr132 9" raku vas with 2 handles and collar
tr134 7.50" raku vas with leaves, handles and
ta6976 crazy lace silver ring
ta7044 sweet siam solitaire ring
ta7422 cosmic plasma earrings
ta7537 medusa crystal ring
ta7539 medusa crystal ring
ta7545 right angle weave ring
ta7549 little crystal dangles
ta7551 crimson wraparound
el038 chopper
el039 happy pappy, the lazy leprechaun
el041 surgeon's hand
wpk301 gold & pearl crystalline 3 way lamp
wpk303 blue/green crystalline vas
wpk304 multi-colored crystalline orb
wpk306 green crystalline vas
wpk307 cobalt blue crystalline vas
wpk309 light green/brown crystalline vas
wpk312 blue & pearl crystalline orb
wpk313 green & lilac crystalline vas
wpk314 teal & blue crystalline vas
wpk315 light green crystalline vas