curly top
scrutinizing look
close up look
a good look
piglet on blue
lamb chop
mother hen
the field study
e-160 14k gold square geometric studs
r-201 14ky gold stacker with diamond
r-204 14ky gold stacker with rivets
r-205 14k gold stacker
r-210 hammered niobium stacker with 14k gold
r-211 hammered sterling silver stacker with 1
r-202 14kw gold stacker with diamond
cape & island map
r-203 14kr gold stacker with diamond
r-221 14ky gold stacker with aquamarine
r-206 14k gold stacker
yawl rig
small gaff rig
fall cliff colors
softer cliff colors
summer cliff day
lambert's cove beach
a walk along the cliffs
aquinnah sunlight
moshup colors
great rock high view
expressive cliff side
little lambert's
great rock from the top
expressive little
nude, august 11, 1966
filling up
long day
menemsha fish market
r-207 14k gold stacker
r-212 hammered niobium stacker with 14k gold
r-208 14k gold stacker
anemones #1490
blue phlox #1499
coral margarites #1492
forget me nots #1491
blue bouquet #1500
cream physostesia #1501
daisies #1498
hyacinth #1497
red poppies #1496
hollyhock #1489
hyacinth #1488
red anemone #1494
senetti blue #1495
white blossoms #1493
where did the time go
summer study
morning fog
morning winter
something to remind me
land fall
going by sea
back by dinner
a beautiful day
standing room only
spring, 2018
radio flyer: yellow headed blackbird
radio flyer: golden whistler
radio flyer: painted bunting
radio flyer: blue bird
radio flyer: bull finch
bowline knot door knocker
on the rocks
sun dog
out of the shadows
afternoon light
into the wallow
approaching storm
on alert
in the heart of the young
a show of force
palm triptych
gar mural
the rise
sculpture #1
sculpture #2
console with base 7002
console with base
woodland grizzly
morning route
savage river romance
on granite cliffs
rutting season
basin moose hunter
chute n pow
acacia console 73
acacia sculpture on wooden base #69