a show of force
palm triptych
gar mural
the rise
sculpture #1
sculpture #2
console with base 7002
console with base
woodland grizzly
morning route
savage river romance
on granite cliffs
rutting season
basin moose hunter
chute n pow
acacia console 73
acacia sculpture on wooden base #69
acacia table iron legs #12
hardwood stool #41
pipal console #67.jpg
tamarind bench iron legs #79
sheep on hidden lake pass
big blue buffalo
glacier goats
the look that kills
love is in the air
mothers nature
#3 acacia table with cylindrical stainless st
#63 acacia bench w/backrest and black iron le
#32 acacia table wooden legs
fish triptych
chute'n pow
north shore surfer
palm frond
36" baena arenosa turtle
trial tales
hillside aspens
navajo council
river edge
elk in aspens
ready for a ride
snowy snowy day
trunk 7 & 8 diptych
lips (navy)
lips (mint)
winter rose
kings peak
victory within
strength of the path
he who guards the flock
star dancer
born free
moonlight in empty room
prince nymph
prince nymph ii
green drake
brass head bomber
black wing bead head
quaking aspens ii
aspen trails
magic path
an evening conversation
king’s nymph
5 framed march flys 2360
framed diplomystus 2330
framed palm frond tips 2320
framed mioplosus 8410
framed leaf 2370
where white gold grows
strength of three
moments fade
fossil mural 3008
sleeping bears
fairweather spring
rin tin tin triptych
suez 2
the lucky ace
autumn conversation
wind from the sea
exploring elk
nostalgia dreams in blue
pastoral dreams in red
pastoral dreams in blue
park city blue bird skies diptych
stump triptych 1
stump triptych 2
abstract triptych
colors of september
high country sentinel
deer in field