copper green offset
dual dyad
iron red and gold triad
metallic blue hammer
metallic blue triad
orthotope i
orthotope ii
orthotope iii
orthotope iv
paro i
paro night
powder blue waterfall
red hammer
sandstone dyad
shield i
shield ii
shield iii
terra triad
yellow dyad
yellow hammer
red and gold dyad
millennia (sirvet)
bronze hoop i (reese)
galvanized knot (reese)
ripples for asta (sirvet)
untitled - blue & white (price)
everyday people (price)
mileage (price)
pulse (price)
tangled up (price)
bernardo 3
luteola ii
kenso ii
helix #1 - keller
simplex - keller
legs too - keller
spiral stack - keller
legrande - keller
metallic blue hammer - west
tri-color triad - west
lancia - keller
turismo - keller
galvanized knot ii (reese)
unity ii (reese)
unity i (reese)
white hoop ii (reese)
ryn & rhett (reese)
black extrusion (reese)
white hoop iii (reese)
white hoop iv (reese)
bronze hoop ii (reese)
red/yel murine, blk/wte cane
red stripe needle nose
lrg red stripe bowl
sml red strip bowl
gold stripe needle nose
wind 7
effusio vii
interval of silence vii
waia iii
september sky
himalayan hues
camp in the cottonwoods
morning fog
trophies of honor
after the ceremony
a touch of autumn
minaret range - sierras
grand teton spring
low tide - cornwall, england
mayan woman - guatemala
colorado autumn
crow and the bear
emergence of the chief
the providers, study
watering captain shire
battle at bear paw, masterwork
a winter's evening
battle at bear paw, masterwork - beauchat dep
enemies past, masterwork
iron hail, masterwork #35/40
symphonies of the heart, masterwork
trophies of honor, life size
rest on the trail
a time to be silent, a time for peace
evening rest
the eagle's nest
mendocino, california
cast shadows
direction of the rain
the sonoma coast
my spirit dances forever, masterwork
battle at bear paw, masterwork - reiter depos
fall color
grounded and comin'
give me mothers for diamonds