last of the prairie wolf
thor's hammer
lakota peacemaker
the honor dress, masterwork
mesa near hopi land
shaded up
the lucky stiff
yellowstone country - the upper lamar
idaho autumn
the weigh in
island lake
the sunning log
rain in the face, life size #ac
walks among the stars, life size #4/9
trophy hunters, life size #1/9
with braided leaves of fine gold
renounce to dusk
winter overlay
fledgling robin bathing
the gray wolf
american robin, adult
warbler fledgling in bath
where, why and wren
dreaming of pelicans
the wolf bird
in the spotlight
marsh romp
walks among the stars, maquette ac 2
prairie moon
morning surf
life by a rope 1/2 life size
rimrock cougar
a closer look
approaching san francisco
the color of winter
sunstruck cliffs, new mexico
prairie rose
a woman's touch
battle of two hearts, masterwork
enemies past, life size bust
in victory i stand, masterwork
iron bear, masterwork
iron hail, masterwork
walks among the stars, life size
trophy hunters
stronghearts, life size
young men of the enemy, masterwork
2013 tcaa show saddle
2015 tcaa show - saddle bags
iceberg lake and the minarets
hand tooled leather shoulder bag with sterlin
hand tooled leather tote bag with silver engr
waitin' on a job
portrait of unseen death valley
it's winter
john muir wilderness
soul rise
golden passage
elk peak and lower cramer lake - study
cramer lakes falls
barnyard gossips
summer moon
winter evening arrangement
burning through
desert theatrics
pinon jays in a pinon tree
sentry, puget sound
west end of kebler pass
fall color - mcclure pass
colorado canyonlands
boys will be boys
the emperor
copete - garden size
playful cubs study
pelota de oso
preening whitetail
winter cottonwoods
morning chill
the gathering
the nest tree
american avocets
white on white
by the beaver ponds
afternoon sun, big bend
moonset over oh-be-joyful
back alley
desert icon, terlingua'
winter wonderland
nearing zion
wyoming majesty
prarie flower
stoney winter
the red bandana
interstate through his world
thunder rock storm