undercover, cougar
close hauled, ship henry b. hyde
jugar monument
study for, once was lost
trophies of honor, life size bust
trophy hunters, life size
bear mountain
december night
island park, idaho
ocean rocks
sunlit cliffs
trout lake
bobcat portrait
sympathetic resonance
the dreamer in the white clouds
my winter song
nomads of the sky
spring showers - canyonlands
time to fish
good fishin', good paintin'
snow chutes study, rocky man. natl. park
profile in gold
interlude in yellow
november cliffs
winter vespers
colorado mountain morning
under the cliffs
all on a summer's day
new day castle peak, white clouds wilderness
shadows of morning light, little redfish lake
above rocky lake ed. 15
arctic dreams
fall ends with solstice
wyoming sage
winter retreat
tundra runner
twin falls, yankee boy basin
shadows on macdonald creek
spring at running eagle falls
the sun and the moon
baker creek autumn
along the wood river
boulder peak
september along the big wood
bald mountains, sun valley
east fork
galena pass
a warm fire awaits him
snow squalls, new york harbor, 1760
breathing aspen scented mist
social security
streamside willows
shadow catcher
clipper ship westward ho approaching the cali
clipper ship wild pigeon at twilight
teton autumn daybreak
california sun
burgeoning giant
notes on a winter marsh
joy rising
dress rehearsal
road to deep canyon
out in the open
base camp
flowmotion, puget sound
last light at rock creek
red mesa
ranch and clouds
idaho rain
cloud shadows
the sage riders
autumn on the sweetwater
golden shadows
powder puff
rain at marble canyon
evening gold
brave wings
texas rose
snow day
killing time
racing the rain
summer sky at evening
gypsy #8
obsessive integrity - belmore brown approachi
snake river afternoon
high country creek
the back road
september skies
big bend vista
october's song
hemingway country
the red serape
santa fe summer