meadow view
view from the flats
a marsh scene
morning light over the tetons
puma portrait
lower falls (callens)
from out of the deep forrest
passing through the old barn
iron shell
little boss
black moose
the sioux
big guy ii
day on the river
cowgirl spirit
a gradual thaw
acoma pot 3437
the gentleman's club 17/45
falls in the fall
casting shadows 3/30
my neighbor-coyote iii
medicine man (nieto)
sharing his vision
stir'd up maquette 8/21
echoes in the wind 5/20
spring song 4/20
morning sun 5/20
tgif gold rush
the protector , blackfoot (precast)
keeper of secrets
looking thourgh the forest
arrangement with lemons and bottles
contemplating serenity
simple trees
little red (barker)
getting old
after the rain (barker)
still proud
moose (ham)
summer velvet
grand view from taggart lake
lunch line
foothill shadows
faith shining brightly
bear tooth
running with the buffalo
old time tales
aspens in purple
peaceful glen
up front (walton)
coming together (walton)
lining up
unknow study
welcom sign (yellow)
gently going
yard work
moving through (aldrich)
cowboy bar (red small)
million dollar cowboy bar (green small)
the cowboy motel (red large)
buffalo head mount (red)
boots and saddles motel
beaver camp
general purpose 7/60
flathead 9/60
salt river runoff
jackson hole 1942
teton ski team
million dollar cowboy bar ( green 2 small)
grand old barn
gros ventre river (larsen)
sleeping indian sunset (larsen)
fall in wyoming
eager listeners
faster (edwards)
fire horse
quite waters
elk (warren)
two bulls
dark night
grizzly glow
dances in white
autumn ringeck
the long pursuit 39/75
stackable storage
cascade canyon (hughes 30 x24)
view from pacific creek
the river runs
splish splash 12/37
autumn remuda
in the silence (10x24)
campfire lights
winter moon
leader of the pack