the lights of winter
unending joy
guiding us home
bombs bursting in air
ghost in the sage
powder run
berry picker
the inkwells
three cowboys
pilgrim creek (edwards)
who's your momma
after the thaw
leaving star valley
slow and cautious
trails in the water
where the tall grass grows
matched pair
the protectors
patience is a virtue 17/22
gentleman caller 9/22
intermission 11/22
vigilance 5/22 (bumann)
the quickening 11/22
valley vigil 26/42
emergence 11/22
a ton of momentum 7/22
singular obsession 4/22
sage thrasher 6/22
slim pickings (aldrich)
with purpose
foxy baby
purple mountains magesty
wolf study (bolam ) 21 x 21
mr. friendly
four winds
bearing down
blue power
fall glory
baby longhorns
summer day
autumn leaves (callens)
gros ventre meadow view
granite falls (larsen)
up and running 21/40
feathers for bravery
jesse james 41/500
wyat 41/500
among the fleet 12/24
home of the brave
autumn backroads
hareborne 7/37 ( small)
yawny 16/21 large
under the mountain sky 3/9
renegade 1/25
the long trail home 19/35
misty meadow
together 43 x 50
misty meadow 46 x 30
spring furrows (walton)
shiplers park
something in the air (bortz)
a chip off of the old block
balancing act
the gateway
free parking
dine and dash
field workers
farm alarm (gibson)
i am freedom
little liberty
big hole winter
mission 27/60
mother hubbard 11/60
the big saddle 5/60
critical angle 13/35
dry fly season
sure shot, 58
the lupine fields
hanging out at camp
familiar ground 24/30
buffalo bill 41/50
sleeping indian winter evening
traditions (hall)
composition in green
subtle pride 12/38
call of the fall (st.clair)
king of the mountain (st.clair)
teton tyrant
sunset stretch 1/25
home alone 19/22
autumn afternoon (36x42)
beauty before me 42/45
invocation 2/35
the wolf within 10/25
a good scratch 8/50
camp in the winter sage
what lies beyond 5/12