country stars study
spring storm (gibson)
the girls from cottonwood creek lll
its your choice
and so they ran
from the tee 8/300
from the tee 17/300
the journey field trip 4
snow bound
log furniture
sleeping indian mountain
distant rain
standing horse
outside of town
untitled (aspervig)
the valley below
gold rush 1/60
mcclellan 14/60
texas 52/60
snowin and blowin at 10 below 12/50
wyoming cowboy 2/100
trail boss 11/50
white gold 8/50
almost home 6/40
training day (hagan)
hard days work
down and out 46 small
down and out 47 small
gaining his trust
the grand
return of the buffalo scouts
across the river
fall shadows
captain bonneville's folly
morning feed
yellowstone sunrise
old smokey 60/75
cowboy bar (green large #2)
morning light over the tetons ii
after the storm (deuter)
boundry of the bear man
recently acquired
yellowstone wolf
winter hare
george washington bench 1/40
new heights of knowledge (between innings) 2/
buddy banner 6/30
green thumb 45/195
partners 19/200
charlie and monte 19/35
old friends 12/35
the hitchhiker 9/35
dream catcher 36/45
a summer romance
winter essence
an infinite wisdom
color show in blue
an autumn crossing
a grateful presence
hitch n' a ride 6/25
snooze 6/25
midnight fire
western tales vol. 1 xxvi
rain dance iii
river run (purple study)
ride the west
as evening approches
plains legend (pa839)
grizzly magic (pa954)
free spirit (pa965)
autumn gold (pa968)
teton glory
drifting giants
on the hunt 6/20
seeing spots
aspens simple life
hope in front of me (collins)
the light of grace
a promised land
dreams come true
more than a melody
rising up
autumn along string lake
above lake mary
granite slabs
dairy queen 11/37
isabella 1/25
going deep
prairie vigilance
snowy silence
walking on sunshine (hall)
second glance
scrub oak
cache creek
pawnee clouds