last light at blacktail ponds
mr. october (bolam)
the legend of akamina
real american ii
the lessons learned
dreamers seven
old soldier
two soldiers
stand by me
ghost of tibet
winter is coming
stallion's eye
sanctuary study
far side of the mountain 29/35
overland express 25/35
distant war cries (not stamped)
touch the clouds 2/35
keeper of the homeland small 28/50
coldsprings creek elk-11/38
burrowing owls 11/30
chicadee (pettit)
northern lights
pygmy owl trio
a new hope
the colors of home
take nothing for granted 9/35
hunter becomes the hunted 54/55
eagle catcher 29/50
butterfly girl 23/45
bison study (aldrich 2)
cowboy's pride 4/60
gold rush 16 /60
over the barrel 5/60
softer side 5/60
down wind approach 13/24
the hunt (danielle)
cowgirl up
for an indian maiden
lakota pipe bag (baby blue)
lakota pipe bag (red/yellow)
fall at oxbow bend
ben franklin 17/40
touching the sky
beyond me: keep me lifted
in the willows 7/35
black wolf
soul of the wounded warrior
walking into autumn 7/23
too hard
too soft
homeland security
young elk at mammoth
bar bc plein air
restless in santa fe 19/50
the capture of john colter 12/20
spirit of the wolf 18/80
say a prayer for me
morning has broken like the first morning
the decoy 71/100
distant war cries 2/35
picking up strays
snow bird
moose antlers and blackbirds
summer sunset 18 x 36
holy cow
moving on
and they blessed the one's that got away
good lookin
stand up
young horse running 8/9
fresh powder
the bachelor
wind breakers
summer break
casting shadows
two step
monarch of the winds
charlie and monty
nocturnal stealth
the jack five
brother of the deer
great basin drifters
panic attack
cautious approch
deadly intent
back country vista
star valley farm
spring thaw
light on the monolith
grand view
hidden view
nature's run