in the study 36x40
quebec township oil 36x36
hogs back summer 36x48
fall lilies 18x24
cardinal moment 172476 36x36
i'll remember you are mine 36x36
cascade en fleur 48x60
magic box ltd 14x24
chardonnay time ltd 17x17
blushing birches ltd 8x8
the undefeated ltd 10x8
chattering away ltd 8x10
hot chocolate time ltd 8x10
gathering autumn flowers ltd 8x10
spring symphony 36x48 spo
golden light algonquin 36x48
algonquin amber ii giclee 30x30
algonquin amber i giclee 30x30
nature lovers
in anticipation
harmony in blue 7 yellow
stars of solstice
one more for the road
in the calm
a spring evening ottawa
magic ottawa nights
first snow rocks & woods
les granges, les laurentides