raining over red river county
night lights
watching over laredo
west of loving
saw whet owl 13/30
iron horn 13/40
silent arrow 11/35
deep passion
the ties that bind 7/25
el toro ii
skies of the snake river
day break over jackson
the airhead
all that glitters
frosted tips
western tales vol. 1 xxiv
critical angle 11/30
helping mom with the groceries 21/30
critical angle 13/ 30 small
looking for jill 27/30
jill 26/30
a good day on the range
leading a horse to water
ready to dance
waiting for the buffalo
drive by parking
bison creek
afternoon stroll
golden field
welcome to arizona
coffee pot abstract
afternoon coffee pot
cathedral abstract
left mitten horses
right mitten
castle valley drama
last snow
big red
corn crib study
fall harvest
winter approaching
night aspen
midday on the flats
cunninghams view
teton skyline
below the grand
mountain vista
morning light on mt. moran
last light
gros ventre overlook
mountain roots
urban pools # 145
urban pools # 135
ranunculace orange
anemone young
small considerations 20
small considerations 21
small considerations 22
small considerations 23
yellow net woman # 176
0100 hour
0200 hour
0300 hour
0400 hour
0500 hour
0600 hour
0700 hour
0800 hour
0900 hour
1000 hour
1100 hour
1200 hour
1300 hour
1400 hour
1500 hour
1600 hour
1700 hour
1800 hour
1900 hour
2000 hour
2100 hour
2200 hour
2300 hour
2400 hour
box: boxer_08 (1.15)
box: boxer_07 (2.15)
box: boxer_06 (1.15)
box: boxer_02 (2.15)
mis: misfits_01 (2.15)
mis: misfits_02 (2.15)
mis: misfits_04 (2.15)
mis: misfits_05 (2.15)
mis: misfits_06 (2.15)