pinto 2
pinto 3
pinto 4
rio grande ix
we are only reflections
seen yet unknown
empty kingdoms
river in mountains (fallen tree)
morning high desert
pond early spring
in gihon river
lbs pond, december
lbs pond, january
six bales
still life 1
path on the edge
lbs pond, blue violet
lbs pond and gp pine
the space between
playing with my conscious
gic: hold onto your dreams
grey feather, red leaf
stormy landscape #10
white dress flowers (op)
white dress (op)
julia portrait (op)
bunkhouse skull (op)
otr: kate walking white building (op)
otr: kate and the old house (op)
otr: kate window (op)
otr: edward in the shower (op)
otr: matt waiting (op)
otr: matt, kate and edward in the f100 (op)
otr: matt and kate on the bike (op)
otr: portrait of kate in the hat (op)
otr: kate, matt, and edward the bridge to exi
otr: kate tunnel road (op)
otr: kate in the bath (op)
otr: kate, matt, and edward in the bed (op)
otr: kate, matt, edward the shirts (op)
otr: edward and kate in the f100 (op)
otr: kate, matt, edward in the shadows of the
otr: matt in the road (op)
otr: kate and matt at the gate (op)
btl: face behind screen (op)
btl: blue pool (op)
trv: above timberline, rocky mountain park, c
trv: big lake at sunrise at caddo lake (2.20)
trv: blue morning at caddo lake (2.20)
trv: broken house, caddo lake (2.20)
trv: castle rock, utah (2.20)
trv: church of the holy sepulchre, jerusalem
trv: cloudscape, new mexico (2.20)
trv: evergreen in colorado (2.20)
trv: first roman site, bekaa valley, lebanon
trv: floating feather at caddo lake (2.20)
trv: foggy morning at caddo lake
trv: found magnolia (2.20)
trv: horsemen at gizeh pyramids (2.20)
trv: krak des chevaliers (2.20)
trv: little blue heron at caddo lake
trv: palmyra, syria, ancient roman site (2.20
trv: samarra minaret (2.20)
trv: the treasury, petra, jordan (2.20)
trv: two birds waiting at caddo lake
pts: stairway to the upper room (op)
pts: windows and doors (op)
pts: view of the grotto (op)
pts: pathway to heaven (op)
pts: window with a view (op)
pts: art gallery doorway (op)
pts: big doorway (op)
pts: magical doorway (op)
pts: doorway to heaven (op)
pts: hallway to darkness (op)
pts: doorway to a broken room (op)
pts: the spray painter (op)
pts: rough arches (op)
pts: great buttresses (op)
pts: homage to salvador dali (op)
pts: twisted stairway (op)
pts: red brick and barrels (op)
pts: angels in the grass (op)
pts: dave and the wall (op)
pts: birdwatching (op)
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