sls- gingko (op)
sls- japanese maple (op)
sls- red maple, sweet gem (op)
sls- sycamore, burr oak (op)
sls- sycamore (op)
sls- willow oak (op)
color theories 9
color theories 10
btl: on the road jumping (op)
sj: julia barbed wire (op)
mis: misfits_10 (2.15)
mis: misfits_03 (1.15)
lbs pond, late day
lbs pond, overcast day
quiet time
dark trees on path
mountain road
city plan
gold shapes 1
gold shapes 2
gold shapes 3
gic: bridging the gap (2.20)
gold shapes 4
gold shapes 5
peach shapes 1
gic: making big decisions (2.20)
peach shapes 2
gic: hold onto your dreams (4.20)
peach shapes 3
gic: carry you with me (2.20)
gic: ascension (7.20)
spectrum series 1
spectrum series 2
spectrum series 3
spectrum series 4
spectrum series 5
spectrum series 6
spectrum series 7
spectrum series 8
spectrum series 9
spectrum series 10
spectrum series 11
spectrum series 12
spectrum series 13
spectrum series 14
spectrum series 15
gic: drawing the line (2.20)
gic: thirsty for life (7.20)
gic: don't let me go (8.20)
gic: hung out to dry (7.20)
gic: stemming from a childhood dream (1.20)
gic: the gift within (2.20)
gic: sew i changed my mind (2.20)
gic: building myself up (7.20)
gic: the key to a blooming imagination (2.20)
testing the angle of repose
otr: matt in the bed (op)
otr: on the road to ruidosa (op)
otr: view into mexico from ruidosa (op)
otr: two white tress (op)
road less traveled
cr 3105 near bonham
aqua terra #4
crazy horse
self portrait
untitled 1
untitled 7
untitled 8
untitled 9
untitled 10
burden of high expectations
witness 2
landscape #27
landscape #28
southern blues
early one morning
nightscape #16
monochrome bouquet (ii)
degraphi: life
dancing cedars
color sample 1
color sample 4
the space between ii
carpe diem silver ii
carpe diem silver iv
storyline silver iii
storyline silver iv
storyline silver x
and that we are
in all i do
the yearning
to see the world
treasure box
stand (diptych)
follow the green
wc 1