desert, dessert
something side
peeking peak
two clouds
blue wave mountain
valley sky
yellow cloud
summer daze
over land
fielded spring
the cooling
raining some
till plain
the flavail valley
behind the red door
the separation between...
sculptor's delight
master and gardener
transforming thoughts
found it
listen to the music
seeking wisdom
moving on
then to the moment might i say- stay awhile
time out
one step at a time
color of hope #4
color of hope #5
color of hope #27
color of hope #56
color of hope #58
color of hope #60
color of hope #63
color of hope #65
color of hope #32
color of hope #67
windy blues
the gift #1
the gift #2
land line
landline for roy
storyline ruby i
storyline ruby ii
storyline ruby iii
storyline ruby iv
storyline ruby v
i stole this idea from nicola tesla (artist:
reynisfjara 1 (artist: rachel walter)
the lucky one (artist: sarah fox)
momma donna and earth child (artist: sean cai
death of western civilization (artist: kathry
color projections (artist: laura sturtz)
l/d 32 (artist: antonio lechuga)
marathon texas (artist: rosie lindsey)
morning rounds (artist: greg bahr)
burnt toast (artist: iva kinnaird)
holes (artist: iva kinnaird)
st. pops (artist: j matthew freeman)
divine #1 (artist: jaz henry)
alluvian disco (artist: adam knoche)
reflection (artist: robert walker)
flux (artist: allee brand)
it's called karma (artist: amy jones jenkins)
babel (artist: armando sebastian)
serenade (artist: armando sebastian)
friendsenemies (artist: chris hoover)
grandma's dream (artist: ashling han)
fine but dying (artist: cynthia giron)
white-blue-black-fragmentation (artist: dameo
tornado (artist: daniel brents)
#thisislife (artist: megan desoto)
midnight rainbow (artist: michael stephen)
begin again (artist: mihee nahm)
leaf study indiana (artist: mihee nahm)
cautious desire (artist: jill bedgood)
in the name of love (artist: jim wilson)
torn (artist: john slaby)
carol (artist: julia jalowiec)
just won't let it go (artist: justin burns)
have you caleb and now what (artist: daryl ga
how on earth did that get there (artist: dary
burfpink (artist: emily delarios)
trajectory no.054 (artist: elizabeth ferran)
home fridge recreation (artist: emma wigginto
can you make a little noise, so that i can te
jaw basin (artist: utopia weiner)
luscious 1 after trump (artist: vaughn wascov
apple of peru (artist: elizabeth wilson)
degraphi: spring starburst
degraphi: colorful starburst
deep in the lime light
hurly burly #1
hurly burly #2
passing through
mesa day
degraphi: color patch