white roses
illumination #2
white roses #15
chatham forest #1
chatham forest #2
spring awakening
boat moored sail in bloom
monsters #1
monsters #3
chatham shark
sun sail
orange birds
seascape symphony
sunset over the break
summer sunrise
great heights
snow shore
the nameqouit
a spring day in the woods
the love affair
dunes in b&w
herring cove dune
off the ridge
birch trees #9
at monomoy
cut spring bouquet
dancer in repose
still water runs deep
a summer poem
as summer wanes
evening at the tidal pool
dune & blue sea
nearing autumn
painted ladies attend the ball
white sun
a view across the inlet
summer's last reflection
the first snow
the couple
a sail in spring
autumn morning, (beach study in light series)
lone dune at morning
another day rising
sandbars in silhouette
at the shore
still life #2 (deconstructed)
pink gulls
ladies at rest
sailing at the cove
falling water
morning at the flats
carmen: night at the opera
the wild one
sea grass in b/w: morning hue
blue sky orange flowers
path to the sea
look onward #2
morning at the flats
still life with oranges
at the break
good morning
waiting for the daylight
morning moon at the inlet
white roses #12
marshland #3
forest in winter
hipsters of rosenthaller platz
forest in winter 2
dancing clouds #2
painted ladies w/bouquet
dancing clouds on the surf #2(puzzle)
in the city
city view
highway painting #1 (birch)
catch of the day
elephant - print
lone dune - print
the automation of man
city view #2
cape color - photo print
sunset - photo print
tropical cataumet - photo print
down the drain - photo print
chatham seal - photo print
sailing off morris island - photo print
crash #3
once a man dreamed of flying
white roses#10
golden dune
two parts harmony
inside the aquarium
rivers edge
sailing at herring cove
verdi: rigoletto, a night at the opera
at suset at herring cove