chi 1995.0021
hug series #4 1996.0090
chi 1996.0187
chi 1996.0219
old zinc mill
cloud chaser
dusk, lower mcdowell road
shadow patterns, deep creek road
taking time to play
pilgrim ranch pond
beautiful morning at pilgrim ranch
new harmony barn
morning light - water lilies
2.75" circle with purple flowers, duplika
duplika pink hexagonal earrings
duplika purple and rose gold earrings
duplika purple circle necklace
duplika purple fan teardrop necklace
duplika purple oval earrings
field of dreams
fern ornament, duplika
middle standard
big heavy
post modern vi
...a joyous light show
dangle earrings, duplika (select to see more
charm necklaces, duplika (select to see more
aquamarine and sterling silver
grand oak reflection
wabaunsee county pond
beyond imagination
could it be
gaining confidence
looking on the bright side
spring springing
with purpose in the midst
after a summer rain
grazing at sunset
spring blowing in
solitary tree
sunflowers and cottonwoods
professor lute bone
reed survives
afternoon vista
garden fence
bright spots in my day
two easels
lower fox schoolhouse
how about a little getaway
i can see clearly now
vacay idea 2
over the horizon
raining me down
really into it
taking the risk
vacay idea 1
make a difference
think outside the box
purple apple
cowgirl accoutrements
sign of spring
salt v
green valley schoolhouse
cedar point well taken
still standing tall
sunbathed walk
the meeting place
goodly dames of days of yore
floral 1
floral 2
floral 3
floral 8
floral 10
floral 18
floral 20
i'm sure
blue teapot
perpetual spring
the red bird
avra valley
cactus lights
mogollon rim
piccacho peak
red lands morning
sahuaro country
cloud sunset
color of dusk
hanging cloud
quiet in the valley
tree at mary's place
the geometry of a teapot
moon over seneca barn
horton yellow barn
ottawa barn
ott's barn
ash-glazed serving bowl