ash-glazed soup bowl
ash-glazed mugs
green and white mugs
carved orb
blue vase
carved vase
crawing bottle
crawling orb
large carved orb
round bales and ironweed
storm clouds and sumac
sunflowers before sunset
imp imagines adventure
theo thinks about his options
patches adores purple
lucy had her morning latte
noel moves for nobody
sasha suspects a coup
oscar and felix find time to relax
patches and theo enjoy the house to themselve
bale out
big oak
centered sun
hilltop pick up
out front
sun and suns
atomic plate
tangled poppy mallow and asters
way station
when clouds return
ahead of the weather
july sunflowers
victorian figurine with seashell
green cat figurines with blue vase and lemons
horses figurine with vase and carrots
summer afternoon
tiger lilies and winter onions
lake trio
end of a tree line
horse figurine with vase, apple and marbles
sunlit creek
leading edge
storm on the prairie
rising thunderhead
morning clearing
konza highlights
evening breakthrough
shadow on the bridge
jason's painting
lyrical passage
early snow in the flint hills
april skies
mill creek
september drive
layers of winter
morning on the meadowlark trail
meadowlark magic
splashes of color
the shape of the sky
reflections of fall
fall around the bend
sparkle of dawn
stream of light
dawn and the distance
colors of the prairie
blooming liatris
cloud momentum
dancing yellow clouds
daisies by the old barn
whispers of dusk
poppies in the park
dickerson's cottonwood
prairie garden (grey headed coneflower)
prairie garden ii (scarlet globemallow)
osage pond
tomahawk creek morning
september sky
burn season
controlled burn
on the fence
crab apple
house, screened in porch
houses, leaf patterns, september
houses, branches, leaves, september
weeds, edge of the woods
orange bunny
brush strokes 1