binary 108.iv
tally 108.i
kitsu i
tally 108.ii
mantra 108.i
kitousho ii
hsiang v
sindura i
sindura iii
kitousho iii
p.s. 203
untitled whirlygig
paris texas
day star
suburbia #34
mechanism #31
mechanism #45
mechanism #48
suburbia #48
attempt #1
attempt #2
yellow apparition
wings of color
wrapped fountain
wrapped woman
moving shadows iv
reflections: on crossing xxv
reflections: on crossing xxxvi
blue bird story
garden ghost boogie
all together now
i'm so ...
running late
never come back!
singing in the spring
language of the birds
garden argument
make a little bird house ...
sweet jesus!
good lawd!
the gardner
(untitled nm)
religion fighter
rhonda of spain
dat gum your hide
by golly
dat gum it red figure
touch your toes!
you dang well better believe it!
dat gum it clean your act up!
yellow figures in the garden
turbulent dancer, so what?
running with ghosts
got a gumdrop
just dropping in
dat gum it go home!
black bird
sip opin
dancing without hands
three little pigs
grumbling in red white and blue
heated argument
singing in the garden
a gaggle of turquoise birds
wading in the water
singing in blues
git ya
dat gum you have a big head
brown cropped figure with green dog
figure in medicine wheel
aw hush your face
red head blue head
blue figure yellow chest
blue man pink goat 2x
figure in mixed primaries
confused conversation
figure in primaries
dat gum it with deep blue chest
bather with audience
pig twister party
gathering in primaries
black / white figure
blue morning ghost
stacking ladders, stacking pigs
aw hush your face
purple polka dots
shouting colors
miss alicia
miss delyse
miss ida may