columbia, the dove
ancient spirit
abalone mask
mayan solar mask
female water buffalo
native american in prayer
crying for divine help
the buffalo
dream catcher with horses
incense burner (guatemala)
alleyway of dreams
river scene
coastal scene
making an effort
street scene i
street scene ii
mid day observations
street scene iii
monk with a cart
white ibis
young buddhist boy praying
holy himalayan
prayer i
prayer ii
knowing god
baby buddha i
baby buddha ii
reclining nirvana buddha i
reclining nirvana buddha ii
holy man reading a book
the golden temple
family praying at the golden temple
spiritual soul: nanak
parsi wedding ceremony
sadhu i (two men)
sadhu ii (with sack)
sadhu series (asking for alms)
sadhu series (with staff)
sadhu series (in lavender)
sadhu series (in bronze color)
sadhu series (in orange)
sadhu series (with trident)
sadhu series (solemn)
sadhu series (in yellow)
sadhu series
sadhu ii (oil)
crucified christ body in tomb
the solemn prayer
curiosity, acceptance and devotion
the rabbi
rabbi reading the torah scroll
mother teresa
mother teresa (head studies)
mother teresa (oval)
mother teresa (cheerful)
mother teresa (stern)
mother teresa - kind (unframed)
mother teresa - benevolent (unframed)
mother teresa - sympathetic (unframed)
mother teresa - compassionate (unframed)
mother teresa - caring (unframed)
mother teresa - merciful
mother teresa - dedicated (unframed)
st. eric (eric dolphy) (spiritual wisdom)
mother teresa
holy mother teresa
mother teresa with boy
mother teresa and child
mother teresa and child
mother teresa with children
mother teresa (soon with god)
a future of service
crucified christ
sacred heart
last supper
mother teresa
use of "mala" like rosary
om and stones
proper positioning of figures
the awakened
tibetan mahakal priest mask
tibetan mahakal mean mask
tibetan mahakal bird mask
tibetan mahakal meditation mask
prayer wheel
om symbol
prayer bells
temple bells (7)
dung chen trumpets (3)
rag-dung trumpet