i am my beloved's by samy briss
meadow by the sea
mountain menorah
southwest menorah
a piece of me menorah
the meeting by dahan
noah's ark by sheva chaya
noah's ark mezuzah
glass menorah clear or colored
at the king's gate ketubah
sky ketubah
bat mitzvah by ruth rudin
celebrate ketubah
festivals ketubah
lovers ketubah
tapestry ketubah
four jewish celebrations by helen webber
tree of life tzedukah box
ballerina tzedukah box
star of david embroidered challah cover
star of david embroidered matzah cover
embroidered star of david placemats
woman of valor frame
bar mitzvah certificate by caspi
always cherished ketubah
tihany kiddush cup by christofle for the jewi
tihany candlesticks by christofle for the jew
tihany menorah by christofle for the jewish m
the jewish museum star of david on leather