the jewish museum star of david on silver
chamsa ketubah
sukkah dream by carla golembe ~ original
sukkah dream by carla golembe ~ giclee
shabbat moon by carla golembe
the holy city by victor shrem
jerusalem of heaven and earth by victor shrem
new jerusalem by victor shrem
breast plate by victor shrem
walls of the city by victor shrem
concrete candlesticks
dreidel candy dish
stars! matzah plate
dove of peace ~ paper
klezmers ~ canvas
klezmers on the roof ~ paper
celebration ketubah
a34w two tone heart menorah with shards
rd26 dreidel
a401 oil menorah
a36 menorah
a37 menorah
a38 menorah
hills of judea menorah
domino design menorah by agayof
dreidel menorah by agayof
flower ketubah
stars! pink star
stars! pink 14k chain