ring - paper crane with quartz
it's not my story to tell #6
it's not my story to tell #7
it's not my story to tell #8
it's not my story to tell #9
i'm not asking the moon #3
i'm not asking the moon #4
i'm not asking the moon #5
i'm not asking the moon #6
mixed greens of spring
moonrise at the edge of pasture
moth on purple
earrings - ignite!
five islnads from blomidon
trust me
boat with tree
new world gods
ziggurat (meat cake)
mermaid boat
(judy) going to the beach
judy's summer home
horton landing
memory landscape #49
memory landscape #60
memory landscape #55
weathervane - mermaid
weathervane - whale
whiffletree whale
blomidon beach walk at low tide
early morning rollin'
white pine reflections
longspell road, september 2016
church at grand pre, august 2016
practic(s)e #117 - 120 (set of 4)
practic(s)e #111 - 113 (set of 3)
practic(s)e #114 - 116 (set of 3)
practic(s)e #101
practic(s)e #104
practic(s)e #105
practic(s)e #106
practic(s)e #107
practic(s)e #108
practic(s)e #121
scott's bay , september 2016
lace, towards blomidon
back lit forest
back lit flowers
open country
summer storm
spirit stone
spirit cliff, cape blomidon
spirit cliff #2
spruce and goldenrod
new landscapes #140515
new landscapes #120419
5 breathes
plate - keji sunset
it's really just that
plate - north mountain
vase - pale green wood fired
vase - turquoise and black raku
vase - turquoise and copper raku
inseparable companions
selfie attempt #2
locket - spatula
locket - #1 kitchen blue shaker
locket - decorative utensil
locket - tea infuser #1
ring - amythest sterling silver and 14kt
ring - pink tourmaline
ring - green tourmaline sterling silver and 1
ring - pink tourmaline wave style
ring - garnet sterling silver and 14kt
bangle - sterling and 14kt
bangle - sterling silver and 14kt - laminated
mountain law
seven crows a secret
king crow
vase - bird on a wire
teacups - birds on a wire
plates - bird
tea set - spotted
teacups - spotted
cake server
the missing slice chocoate cake
mocha cake
cupcake - celebrate daily!
cake slice - celebrate daily!
tray - cupcake spotted
plate - spotted gold
cake stand - eat now
cake stand - ants