across the marsh
under a white sky
before yellow
nightscape: san miguel mission
nightscape: santa fe (loretto with luminarios
femmes entre elles avec voyeur sculpté. clin
la taberna. jeune pêcheur catalan racontant s
david et bethsabée
revisited i (10/80)
revisited ii (10/80)
revisited iv (10/80)
untitled (ls15-313)
untitled ii
untitled (ls07-267)
figure 73
untitled (genus #3-15)
untitled (genus #1-15)
new warrior
strange attractor
orchid diadem
orchid ring
orchid odyssey
another world
flux vi
flux iv
woe iv
appearance: neglected, existence
excavation: embattled; return
reconciled: poetic; context
emergence: natural: beginning
reference: bounds; incomplete
objective: aligned; metaphor
appearance: controlled; purpose
consequence: ingenious; reaction
determined: illusory; opposition
meaning: relentless; resistance
small water wash (05/10)
the airstrip in november
retreat: vital; personal
alternate: relative; conception
formula: ethical; definition
untitled advertising
california atmosphere
beyond the pleasure pond
broken in the palatine woods
remembrance of the temple
white indian
forest basilica
forest totems
golden temple
inland meadow
maya trail
moving through the remnants
musical stele
brave indian
academy portrait
business man playing cards
butterfly #1
silver grotto corner
lone tree - by the sun
lone tree - lightening day
lone tree - miles to go/the universe before u
tesuque watershed detail #3
moon rising
lone ascending
inland crossing
mums, cutting, shadow
pots/plants #4
three apples
beachstones #5
shoreline #4
nest #6
summer afternoon clouds
american portrait #46
human in nature no 7
new mexico #1
alone #2
untitled shaman
pool flowers #2
laughing artist, ed. 43/65
laughing artist, ed. 34/35
self portrait
the last indian (untitled)
self portrait at 28
man and snake
man bull #2
woman and dog (study)
indian on horseback with quiver
painted man