untitled, orange and black
untitled (sf14-1)
untitled (sf14-5)
line series with black
tidal flat
looking west
traveled on
avery island
ice breaker
slippery slope
nom de plume
break away
happy ending
penciled in
flood gate
white out
knocked off center
untitled (orange and white)
portrait of romona as a lion
smarter than you think
my la trip (ode to joan mitchell)
red floor
south of sleat (o/c 68-2)
light on the sea (o/c 654)
loch eishort (o/c 69-45)
benelux i
untitled, fabric
section amber red
section teal uranium
section multi
ediface pair blue gold
ediface pair amber red
intersect blue green
intersect green
section pair neo blue olive gold
section pair neo blue
barn with blue shadows
river bends - early light
taos #4 - toward sunset
joy of man's desiring
fish catcher #469
two farm buildings and a pond
ben's pond, midsummer
lucy bump's riding ring
in south harpswell, maine
beaver swamp in autumn
morning outside the front door
new mexico landscape
new landscape
detail: rio grande at pilar
standing figure ii (ed 1/9)
point surf
pines against an evening sky
gold section
neo ruby section
cloud over knoydart (o/c 57/39)
the first snow cloud (o/c 58-3)
fantasy: snow cloud ii (o/c 68-21)
the strange mist (o/c 68-30)
spring, ii (o/c 111)
night light i (o/c 223)
red sky shadow (o/c 233)
october sun, i (o/c 289)
october sun, vi (o/c 303)
blues: evening storm (o/c 656)
summer storm (o/c 800)
summer blues remembered (o/c 829)
darkening day (o/c 1134)
gale sound (o/c 1135)
summer blues (o/c 1191)
northern changes (o/c 1372)
light and grey clearings (o/c 1419)
grey and yesterday's blues (o/c 1459)
toward westmoreland
dark purple, dark green
edge of a swamp
broad ochre stripe
early may in vermont
exercise in green
spots of pink
strong green, strong pink
sunny side and shadowed side
a light blue sky
light and bright
pond near the studio
scene in hawaii
uncle nepe's old bar
field to dusk blue