ancestral water, wood steel glass
ancestral heaven, steel wood glass
blues cliffs
open mind
3723 insight into two worlds item 26162
3722 time traveler, item 26167
3h03 item10268 contortionist
3309 item 13594 scarlett melody
l101610 22k bimetal oxidized silver 2 autra o
twigs bracelet l111403 oxidized silver 22k
l101603 enamel argentium silver peruvian opal
l07601 necklace enamel austr opal sterling me
l101508 necklaceacid etched argentium silver
l101507 belt enamel argentium silver leather
l101604 bloom necklace enamel 22 k bezel 18k
l101601seakelp necklace enamel argentium silv
l101614 enamel necklace on fine silver 18k 22
l101613 earrings 22 k oxidized silver jackets
l101608 earrings 22k oxidized silver
lh041703 enamel earrings on fine silver 24kgo
lh041704 enamel earrings garnets argentium si
lh041701 enamel pin/pendant 24k, 18k austr op
55171 spa treatment
thermal dance 55172
liquid flight 55173
radiant rythum 55175
balancing spring 55177
morning mirage 55178
sk041701 penelope, spalted maple horse head
sk031701 myrtlewood puffin
sk021701 dinner party
sk021702 dilemma, maple abstract
1005153 emerald ore, jade and gold
slow dance sk 051701
dream rider sk051702
lh051701 enamel oxidized argentium silver 18k
lh051702 earrings enamel, ox argen silver
sk051703 extraterrestrial
55171 wink wink
55172 unmentionable
55173 memory worth saving
55174 peek a boo
55175 beyond place
55176 embrace
lh051708 enamel on fine silver, oxidized silv
lynoma, paddle-photo1
aries, mast iii-photo2
tsunami i -photo3
lh061706 earrings enamel roller printed ox si
sk061701- skyking
sk061702 - seaquin
aries beach i -photo
lh081701 bolo blue enamel argen silver 22 k b
textured and painted gourd, seagrass, pine ne
lh08702-earrings 22k gold, argentium silver
lh81701-galaxy pendant
sk111702 abstract
restricted illumination dh111171
momentary act dh111172
energy in the distance dh111173
lh111701 earrings
lh111703 boa enamel argentium and fine silver
lh111704 bolo, enamel, argentium and fine sil
lh111705 bolo, enamel fine and argentium silv
cutty sark
san francisco ii
lh011801 earrings arg silver, blue topaz enam
lh011802 earrings enamel silver
lh011804 strawberry quartz 22k silver
lh011805 earrings enamel silver onyx
lh011806 earrings spiral
lh011808 boa enamel silver chalccedony perido
lonestar 00002
eight je000009
baja 00005
new york 00006
red 2 00007
blue 00008
what light 00009
into the cauldron 000010
lh021801 bolo enamel, fine and ox argentium s
delights of chaos 314181
lh031802 enamel oon fine silver
lh031803 enamel on fine silver