zona rosa flower stall
okanagan lake, peachland ii
yellow birch
the light of evening, st. marguerite country
newburgh, napanee river
resting - 1978
sour cherries from my orchard
drifting alone
in calm waters
aaron's walk
balsam root & ponderosa pines
by hayward lake, bc
ruby tuesday
okanagan sunflowers
okanagan gold
canoe i (small)
canoe ii (small)
whitewater braid
that’s me on the horse
skaha morning
dressed for fall
mild spring day lake louise
ice on lake louise
full moon loon
smoke fired pot (lj116)
smoke fired pot (lj117)
smoke fired pot (lj118)
smoke fired vase (lj61)
incised blackware vase (lj6)
untitled (owl & birds)
untitled - 1972 (ducks)
untitled (loons)
fire of the maple leaves - 1968
thunderbird woman 5/48 - 1973
johnston creek, banff national park
a view from blue
exploring boundaries - shadow box
feels great - shadow box
jump serve - shadow box
victory - shadow box
a storm blew in
elegant air
looking back
kananaskis changing season
big white winter
taking a break
incised blackware pot (lj37)
incised blackware pot (lj38)
incised blackware vase (lj39)
incised blackware pot (lj40)
incised blackware vase (lj41)
canada 150
earth tonic
free to be wild
love through shadows
aspen glow
at wine tasting day
kelowna lake light and shade
lake o'hara evening shoreline
october aspen
winery visit
pansy 3
dance of the hour
evening serenade
fire within
new day!
waltz of the roses
high up among the quinces
dwarf fish
juvenile fish
keeper fish
king fish
spirit bear cub
spirit bear
bear cub
gold embossed bear
gold embossed bear cub
side by side
in the spotlight
duck lake from beaver lake road
red letter day
rooted to the ground
sunday ride - shadow box
memory xvi - 1998
carrying a mountain’s story
evening gown
man and seal