where the river rests
armstrong valley
summer rain, white rhododendrons
ignited 1
ignited 2
ignited 3
tynehead aura
boulders and blossoms
momma bear
monashee alpine
mountain dawn
untitled 1980s
#10 lidded purple heart
#7 nesting set
#9 lidded purple heart / rim
3 people with boats
a day in the life
admiral borda
apples and hickory nuts
arch table
autumn # 1
barn with chicken
before night
bovines for science
bowl of soup
bryce canyon
christmas eve in oshkosh
circus performer
collage with king of spades
collage with the no. 10
corn husks in the moonlight
cottage in the woods
cows with nude
davidson ii
desert fantasy
doll's head with cans
facade no. 5
fall landscape
fall landscape with bird house
falling sun iv
farm in the country
farmer with horses
fertility goddess
figure xiv
fun at the bridge
garden sitter (crow with purple)
garden sitter (dog)
garden sitter (squirrel)
guardian (green)
george w. randolph
ghost father
god is dead
goose (blue)
goose (purple)
grain harvest
guardian (blue)
hansel, grethel, and the witch
harvest time in kettle moraine
harvesting near big cedar lake
i heard the bells on christmas day
interior with still life
into the sun
king midas
untitled (hardware store)
labor tramp 1
labor tramp 2
lost in the woods
madame kitty williams
metallic pin wheel
milwaukee harbor
milwaukee industrial scene
mystic sun
untitled (neighborhood landscape)
untitled (yellow abstract)
pattijo and molly taking a walk
pigs of portugal
puss in boots
rain shadows i
rain shadows ii
rain shadows iv
red-headed woodpecker
rip van winkle
annie d. learns to swim: rohn swimming school
running deer
schlitz brewery co.
sea queen
self portrait
self portrait
silk road vessel