small floor pot
speed rail station
untitled (still life with apple on blocks)
still life with bottles
still life with doll's head and fruit
still life with fruits
still life with geraniums
still life with pears
still life with props
still life with white cloth: lakefront souven
store window no. 3
temporary wall
the ascetic
the hermit
the newhall house fire, funeral pyre
the princess and the pea
the shadow
the six netmenders
the window
three fishermen hauling in the catch
till birnam wood remove to dunsinane
time keeper
toft's point
treasure chests
two men rowing
two tier teal cart table
untitled (blue abstract)
untitled # 251
untitled (abstract with red and blue)
untitled (beachwood)
untitled (couple)
untitled (fruit with clock)
untitled (horses plowing the field; study wit
untitled (little girl ringing the bell)
untitled (pears)
untitled (porch)
untitled (portrait with rabbit)
untitled (sand dunes of west michigan)
untitled (self portrait with apples and nude)
untitled (self portrait with shoe)
untitled (study of countryside)
untitled (two fishermen hauling in the net)
untitled (two people in landscape)
untitled abstract
untitled wood carving
vertical vessel # 2
princess heine, milwaukee's first elephant
west bend farmer's market
west bend theatre
wild geese; japanese series
wisconsin ave. rainy night #2
wisconsin sweet corn
yellow bowl
ave maria
baroque iv
special noren
fields and clouds, trenton, wisconsin
early morning
untitled (two women in rural town)
untitled (double arch stone bridge)
old naperville
cedarburg coffee roastery
rehearsal for suicide
untitled (planters / chris olson's family)
#1 citrine and amber pendant
#3 mother and child pendant
#6 blue zircon ring
#8 lapis lazuli bracelet
#10 lapis lazuli earrings
rock crystal quartz-faceted necklace
faceted rock crystal with polished rock cryst
white druzys with faceted rock crystal neckla
rubies matte finish (6mm) faceted rubies (3mm
faceted micro garnets necklace
xoxo - love letter necklace with ball chain
electro etched "dots" rectangular earrings wi
electro etched "teardrop" earrings with diamo
silver fusion post earrings
rock crystal earrings with triple drop
peacock pearl earrings with faceted garnets
tassel earrings with garnets and tourmaline
matte and faceted ruby earrings
in our angelhood
not meant for the public
inhabitants of the past
round robin