325184 paradise found
325185 waiting for rain
325181 between earth and sky
325182 grey pony
325183 hold that thought
out of the blue ge000013
sk051801 sky flower
sk051802 dawn patrol myrtlewood
sk051804 corkscrew yew steel
l051802 earrings enamel on copper aregentium
l051803 earrings copper enamel argentium silv
l051805 bolo enamel on copper argentium bl on
l051806 pin pendant ammonite enamel argentium
its the little things sj000052
paris sj000056
vanishing element
expression of freedom
ziggy sk061802
lh071801 enamel earrings
sk071802 call of the wild
redwood dining table 71801
shou sugi ban wall piece 71802
monolith emerald & rust
monolith link-amber
monolith link-emerald
miles of blues
ch-blue-black vessel
lucy in the sky
norwegian wood
myrtlewood bowl w/weave
monkeypod wood bowl w/weave
wood bowl w/weave
lh081801 spiral earrings
lh091805 earrings
ocean breeze platter
vanilla plate set- glass
adagio 3 10900
10118 adagio2
13593 birthday surprise
26160 circle of life
11663 lucid dreaming
27613 modern dance
16905 mona
16983 red circus
12956 remembering the dream
26065 riding the hummingbird
27606 sculpture garden
26562 the diplomat
12312 the painter
26168 twisted dream
911815 pablo's dream
911812 nest
91183 open mind
segmented figure #39
an offering after the storm
platter 221
platter 230
platter 83
time of the season
carnival maquette 1
the ringmaster
my lady
family sculpture in reception nfs
new inspiration
platter 136
platter 158
vessel 9
winged rectangles 1 & 2
wing 6
platter 168
boat 56
boat 73
boat 83
platter 103
angel 11 — meadows room
amaya sequence
platter 217
fire flower
power in numbers #1
power in numbers #2
bird "sargent" myrtlewood
fountain platter 232
angel 015
angel 16
boat 95
angel 24
angel 21
angel 22
amaya 5
artifact 2