untitled 2
untitled 3
simple living
simple living 2
boat mask
cc sq 005
cc sq 006
cc sq 007
cc sq 008
cc sq 009
cc sq 0010
cc sq 0013
jan edwards commission (triptych)
jan edwards commission
boy with his dog
kaimana winter ii f
swimmers a
kaea 3-b
ron kent collab - blue
royal flush
reddish brown, green design on green washi
waipio gourd
water gourd
makalu gourd
feather gourd
fern gourd
wana gourd
mauna kea gourd
ipu wai
seed gourd
kawaehae gourd
wagilag fish 1
wagilag fish 2
spring water xi
spring water xiv
breath of vayu
hand of inanna
va'a series 4 / avei'a a/p
va'a series i a/p blue
va'a series ii a/p blue
va'a series iii a/p blue
va'a series iv a/p blue
hei hi white iii a/p
e'e tropic iv
e'e tropic iii
va'a series 1 umber
va'a series 2 umber
va'a series iii a/p umber
va'a series iv a/p umber
va'a series 1 blue / gold
va'a series iii a/p
va'a series iii a/p
va'a series 4 purple / gold
tropical 1 ed: 1/65
tropical 4 ed: 1/65
tropical 5 ed: 1/65
tropical 6 ed: 1/65
tropical 7 ed: 1/65
tropical 8 ed: 1/65
tropical 9 ed: 1/65
tropical 10 ed: 1/65
tropical 11 ed: 1/65
waveform 94
mystery i
mystery ii
forests a' plenty
it's good to be green
mountain beyond mountains
severe solutions
red hawaiian canoe
kauai wall carving
green water
first light
untitled 4
red ti hanalei valley
koeau iv
koeau iii
koeau ii
koeau 1
rw - 2431 - a fan palms
rw - 2433 - fan palms
rw - 2431 - b fan palms at noon
rw - 2086 - sunlight & fan palms 2
rw - 2435 - fan palms
rw - 2085 - fan palms
two for one
different drummer
kauai shelf 1
kauai shelf 2