#106 red and gold mohair earring
#109 hand felted bowl, mitered design
green pastures
necklace, bubble grow, ss
earring, bubble, large, ss
necklace, drop lariat , ss
earring drop ss
earring, lotus, small, ss
earring, lotus, mixed medium, 14kt gold and s
earring, drop, mixed medium, 14kt gold and ss
past dreams
#111 felted bowl, #2, colorwork
long ago and far away
brazos kid
big bull
cosita #107
cosita #108
cosita #109
retablo, blue horse angel
retablo, love all
bamboo scarf, trq - verigated color
bamboo scarf, trq ribbon
bamboo scarf, pastel blues
bamboos scarf, hand painted cotton
longhorn taos
gun metal