pacific blues 4
pacific blues 5
pacific blues 6
pacific blues 7
pacific blues 8
pacific blues 9
pacific blues 10
pacific blues 11
pacific blues 12
pacific blues 13
pacific blues 14
pacific blues 15
pacific blues 16
summertime daydream
ohe kapala group 1
ohe kapala group 2
ohe kapala group 3
ohe kapala group 4
ohe kapala group 5
large blue mango (red stripe) 2011
ti leaf ring
hawaiian coot
palila on yellow
the gathering
blue and yellow pareo
ti 1
ti 2
kahala messages 1
pahu bracelet
pahu earrings
pahu ring
ti leaf necklace
woven copper sail
woven copper basket
primal instinct (bali)
yellow bananas
cup of gold
5" x 5"
board game
shell game
hula wind
small black mandala
small black ziggy
medium black mandala
medium black ziggy
11" pinecone bowl
medium white kauai
carlos at kaimana xxvi
hot august day
it looks like ikaika
parking lot
two girls and a raft
north kohala
norfolk pine hollow form bowl 1
norfolk pine hollow form bowl 2
all-terrain genealogy
na hanauna
norfolk turned bowl
taro puakinkin
jade lei
untitled tree bark
friday good
try two bark
brown boat
grey boat
coconut drum 29"
coconut drum 27"
haole boy
hanalei girl
why knot
heartshaped cards
dog card packs
i am
i am not
suggestion #4
manne newspaper
no. 11
no. 12
no. 13
spirit of the sea
kaea short form
pedal pusher
4 seas green kapa
po'i na nalu (jun. 10)
no. 6
color is line
gray wolf
hi ho
pipe up