red stone relief
terracotta amphora
patera with dionysos
3 harness fittings
layard gem
trapezophore lion
metalwork basin
head of a ram
figured vine scroll mosaic
bowl with eros and pan
three prisoners
spiral fibula with pendants
female protome
head of hadrian
oceanus and tethys mosaic
parade belt fitting
pair of spiral armguards
posamenterie fibula
ovoid anitolian jar
bath set
eye idol i
stemless kylix
beaked spout vessel
head censer
bronze zebu
ketos lamp
head of caesar (frederick ii)
deposition figure
head of persephone
adonis tamuz
gold medallion
gold necklace with gems
head of a young man
birds of paradise
magnificent ride
yoko sleeping
dance director
making camp
buffalo hunt
snow-shoe dance
red theme
cyclamen with note cards
baroque flowers #4
baroque flowers #3
doorway to illusion
blue feather
1862 volume
on the bluff at long branch-at the bathing ho
the bathers
winter at sea-taking in sail off the coast
sea-side sketches-a clam-bake
ship-building, gloucaster harbor
filling cartridges at the united states arsen
floral department of the great fair
in the platte valley between ashland and yuta
idaho farm
landmarks (suite of 4)
landmarks (suite of 4)
ladder ii
ladder viii (the barrier)
garlic harvest
road to alter rock
fighter and handlers
bareback rider holding woman riding two horse
two bareback riders on a single horse
vase of flowers
flowers in a copper jug #2
study for summer afternoon
rainbow and view of madison
wild horses at play
hymn singer (also titled the minstrel)
still life with pyramids
geese in flight
antelope shooting
scrap gate
winter at sea-taking in sail off the coast
new england factory life-"bell time"
flirting on the sea-shore, and on the meadow
becoming visible
shaping sounds
wayside shrine
portrait of justin sturm
n. 134th st. & raymond rd. 9.21.99 - 65 degre
large skindiver, final proof (framed)
spiritual allegory
lattice work
suffused air
buffalo hunt, approaching in a ravine