leopold "raked spiral" bottle in yellow, oran
ken rosenfeld sculpture of lampworked and fus
labino studio 1985 three-sided blue-gray vase
jesse taj karolczuk "mother teresa" large por
lost coast "statue of liberty" small portrait
layton "chalcedony" large cylinder vase. heig
antique czech lion sulphide on clear ground
jesse taj and malachi wilkinson 2000 "final w
jesse taj and malachi wilkinson "final cane #
jesse taj and malachi wilkinson name murrina.
jesse taj and malachi wilkinson "wizard #2" l
magic marbles "white buffalo" portrait cane m
orient & flume 1977 "butterfly & flowers" ove
orient & flume 86 pink cherry blossoms on bla
orient & flume 1986 pink dog- wood blossoms c
orient & flume art glass 1988 pink rose and b
orient & flume 91 yellow pan- sy & buds over
orient & flume "snow bird" black & white bird
orient & flume veiled cushions weight w/cente
peter mcdougall "ghost fish" with reeds and r
peter mcdougall 2008 pink flowers on black gr
perthshire paperweights 1986 faceted royal we
stankard studio 2006 "honeysuckle flowers" pa
ring of fire "yellow, white & green switchbac
randall grubb "vineyard" cabernet sauvignon g
roxie lasoya bracelet of black & gold glass b
antique saint louis multifaceted upright bouq
soul glass octopus with green- speckled body
soul glass octopus with cobalt blue body & la