crypt-o-graphic: preamble
caravaggio revisited/2 (study)
caravaggio revisited/2
bondage/preamble i
bondage/preamble ii
bondage returns! - celery
the oddity of a dual nature
still (figure) life, the painting
bondage returns! - carrot
study of woman with upraised arm
easter morning, close-up
rabbit island, first take
deposition, 2004 - commencement
study of two oak leaves
crypt-o-graphic: resolution (diptych)
death of ____________: initiation
death of ___________: conclusion
easter morning, panoramic
deposition, 2004 - culmination
rabbit island, second take
the battle of the amazons
the dove
portside up, the first
cryptic crops six (draped)
cryptic crops seven (captive)
the prairie fire
two figure studies of men and an arm
the message
the return
sacred ground
road to shanghai
verona suite i
verona suite ii
blue river
remembering spring
shrine i
original fission
endless arabesque
welling rain
road to sterling, johnson county, nebraska, j
denton road, seward county, nebraska, sept 15
johnson county, nebraska, may 11, 2003
sherman county, nebraska, june 6, 2003
ice curve, iowa
a jaded nature
south of rushville, sheridan county, nebraska
grant county, june 8, 2003
double flow off the missouri
meandering in oklahoma
middle of the road
forest of the "y" trees
corn harvest
east of cimarron
lancaster vantages/preamble: c
natural history
the lost antelope
study: lancaster vantages/two
pickled carp
october delights
silver and dante
fire in the hay
oat harvest
new mexico landscape
the last windrow
under the northern lights
sumac and cedar
hilltop landscape
winter sunset
fresh snow
end of the day
filling the barn
the forgery project
homage to vitruvius
julia's gift
strata ap3-05
letter rack after peto
rock, paper, scissors ii
letter rack: blue
lancaster vantages/seven
strata grouping: bw-l #1
strata grouping: bw-l #2
strata grouping: bw-l #5
strata grouping: bw-l #7
strata grouping: bw-l #9
strata grouping: cl #1
strata grouping: cl #2
strata grouping: cl #3
strata grouping: cs #2
strata grouping: cs #4
strata grouping: cs #6
mid-year 05-1
mid-year 05-2