blue float
blue nautilus
break free these chains
chocolate checkers
eel creek
eggs - nature's gold standard
fishermen's floats
heaven on earth
in the pink
last light on the dunes
nautilus shell
oh my darling clementine
open road
pearl nautilus and float
poseidon's possessions
red, white, & blue
sail away
shell collection
spring dawn
a view from the ocean mist, matunuck, ri
approaching cloud bank
blanc, mackerel cove
18 yellow umbrellas #2
beach front property
beach front property 5
sparkler i
sparkler ii
nantucket beach
the winding path
breaking waves on a bright day
early morning surf
enduring surf
newport rocks
patterns of serenity
three whale boats
upon the beach at dawn
a break in the fog
evening light
fog bank newport bridge
first round
powered by the wind
the tacking duel
three sail horizon
three sail horizon
rhythmic tide
boston pilot schooner "hesper" meeting rms "g
columbia vs shamrock i 1899
reliance vs. shamrock iii
sunset over tripoli - uss constitution & uss
westward, white heather, and brittania 1912
overnight stay
patricia anne, new london
wellfleet dune
brenton point
castle hill
castle hill
dune walk (evening approaching)
tea house
moving through
adriatic garden walls
iris admiration
memory lane
poppy grandeur
pulling traps morning fog
fall sunset
morning sail i & ii diptych
fishers island
crimson tide
open arms
cherries in crystal bowl
daffodil trio
forever lovely
mickey and friends
pepper & garlic
strawberry swirl
blast! the velsheda
classic marine
peaks of sails
autumn pond
eternal play
montauk waves
signs of spring
soft light
amber harvest
may december romance
the family
american pride
castle hill light
clearing skies
secluded beach
three at sail
three o'clock shadow
white chairs and table