john deacons and william manson (2015) collab
peter mcdougall millefiori cross paperweight.
peter mcdougall (2011) christmas millefiori f
peter mcdougall 2009 christmas candle and hol
peter mcdougall (2007) christmas candle and h
paul stankard 1976 experimental mistletoe pap
paul stankard 1971 stylized flower miniature
peter mcdougall (2006) christmas flowers and
peter mcdougall (2008) christmas rose and hol
peter mcdougall 2010 prototype christmas cand
caithness glass 1983 "robin and kettle" facet
millville art glass 1987 christmas wooden sol
caithness glass (1986) "holly" and garland fa
peter mcdougall 2009 christmas holiday candle
peter mcdougall (2011) limited edition christ
peter mcdougall 2010 special limited edition
ken rosenfeld 2000 christmas pine and holly w
ken rosenfeld 2003 christmas wreath and bow p
mike hunter 2018 zanfirico alternating yellow
mike hunter 2018 zanfirico alternating orange
mike hunter (2018) zanfirico alternating yell
mike hunter (2018) zanfirico alternating mauv
mike hunter (2018) zanfirico alternating blue
mike hunter (2018) zanfirico orange, yellow a
mike hunter (2018) zanfirico yellow, orange a
mike hunter 2018 christmas tree and millefior
mike hunter 2018 pair of blue and white twist
mike hunter 2018 pair of red and white twist
mayauel ward 2018 snowman compound paperweigh