red deer river in spring
hot summer day
sunset after rain
thunder near carbon
prairie thunder
after heavy snowfall
near pincher creek
into yoho valley
summer day
evening thunder
lightning strike near swalwell
canola and showers
moonlight and snow
quiet afternoon
kanaskis valley ii
spring in the kotenays
spring flood
winter evening glow
three sisters, canmore
the medicine line
sunset stroll
on the rocks
joyful autumn
creekside willows and aspens
autumn palette
spring's arrival
lundbreck falls
since the rain
okanagan pine
minnewanka river
foothills rain
untitled landscape
turquoise view
grand valley snow
evening feed
winter's bend
winter morning
prickly pear cactus
early snow..
vantage point
r & r
the surveyor
swimming with the whale sharks
the prince of wales (waterton)
viewpoint below prince of wales hotel (watert
trail to blakiston falls
cascading falls - akamina parkway (waterton)
red rock canyon - waterton
pass creek
rock garden (waterton)
afternoon at pass creek
reach for the sun
waterton vista
anderson peak waterton
wildflowers in waterton
lone pine (waterton)
upper waterton lake viewpoint (goat haunt pea
lost horse creek
cameron falls in june (waterton)
cameron falls (waterton)
windswept pines
mount blakiston (waterton national park)
red rock canyon
pondorosa sunset
lower consolation lake
midas touch
autumn pathway
mexican sunflowers
golden sunflowers
moon shadows
august flowers
changing seasons
dawn's early light
first snow (fish creek park)
paintbrush and larch
garden memories
in the garden
yellowhead homestead
reflecting gold
golden carpet
paradise valley - giant steps
canada day floral
blowing in the wind
passing storm
pacific rocks
snow at giant steps
highwood larch
canoe mountain
summer colour - arnica lake
through the shadows
cates park
baja in bloom
cool water, arnica lake
forest impressions
coastal sunset
alberta rockies sunrise
fall orchestra
wagon wheels, 7u ranch